Sexual Addiction & Men:

If you are a man or know of men who struggle with sexual addiction, pornography, and the like, you most certainly need to know about For Men Only groups in our area.

For Men Only is a Christ centered recovery program designed to help men break free from the bondage of sexual sin. This is one of the most difficult battles a man faces, and it cannot be won alone. Men with similar struggles come together to hold each other accountable and to build each other up. The group follows a core curriculum entitled Pure Desire, written by Ted Roberts, and highly recommended by The National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families.

This group is open only to men who undergo an orientation process and who are determined to be in need of such a group. Anonymity remains a central part of this ministry at all times.

The area FMO currently meets at:

West Congregational Church, 767 Broadway, Haverhill, MA 01832

The contact person is: Rick Kardos, 603-682-7800,